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BushCat Arrives in Thailand!

Updated: Jan 12

The first BushCat Aircraft has arrived in Thailand. This beautiful 100 HP taildragger is being assembled in our hangars in Pattaya. Feel free to ask about it and stop by for a peak at the process.

This BushCat is made by Skyreach in South Africa. It's based of an earlier model they sold called the Cheetah. And that is based off of the Best Off SkyRanger developed in Toulouse France.

The BushCat is an Experimental class airplane and can fly under S-LSA, E-LSA, and EAB rules in the USA. It is highly tested and gone through the extensive ASTM compliance for European markets as well.

The year is 2024 - the ancient fleet of Cessna 172s, 152s and Pipers are sadly now typically at many thousands of hours of flight time. The required type certified engines such as the Lycomings and Continentals are truly ancient technology and expensive to keep running.

Check in on our progress and see the future of General Aviation with these LSA class aircraft. HS-MEW (not just a coincidence it is a Bush CAT) will fly in Thailand in 2024. Maybe you will even take a flight!

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